2024: 500 Mile Annual Challenge *Full tracking Map*
2024: 500 Mile Annual Challenge *Full tracking Map*
2024: 500 Mile Annual Challenge *Full tracking Map*

2024: 500 Mile Annual Challenge *Full tracking Map*

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The 2024 500 Mile  AnnualChallenge

2024 is the Year of the Dragon, Your Motivation will last all year  with this annual challenge! Your medals will be sent as soon as you complete the challenge

Row, either on a machine, on water, or a combination of both, 500 miles, moving along our Virtual  tracking map, Complete this challenge at a time and place that suits your schedule  to receive your exclusive medal.

You have from 1st Jan to 23:59 Dec 31 2024 to complete this challenge, . You can use mileage earned in other events of ours for this Challenge.

 The medals  are our finest, measuring  a huge 100mm across and 5mm deep,  weighing 112g, with great detailing and a chrome finish- it's worthy of an annual medal!

Submitting and Claiming your Medal

You will be emailed a separate link / web page when you sign up* to upload your progress as and when you want to.  Your medal will be sent as soon as you 'complete the map', this can be completed at any point throughout the year, and the medal will be sent as soon as you finish.

*Please note that your tracking link will be sent automatically, if this doesn't arrive by email in minutes, please contact us using the 'contact us' page.For you 'Early-Birds', the links will be sent on December 20th 2023.

Checking Your Progress

We have a real-time results system with instant tables, sort-able by age, gender and Country.   We also have live tracking 'journeys' with fully interactive maps for our annual and seasonal longer challenges!

All the routes follow real life roads and trails, target the next town along on the map,  past landmarks, cross countries, it's going to be fun!

Strava Connect

Uploading your progress could not be easier with our challenges allowing you to upload activities direct from Strava.  Do not worry if you do not have Strava, as you can also add activities manually.

Personalised Downloadable Certificate

Each competitor will receive a downloadable personalised challenge certificate with details of their results and activities throughout the year!