What is a virtual indoor rowing race?

A virtual indoor rowing race is a race that can be rowed from any location which gives you access to an indoor rowing machine. All models of rowing machine can be used to complete your race, just jump on the indoor rower, row at your own pace, and time it yourself. Once completed, submit your time on the Row the Distance website and your chosen medal will be shipped directly to your door.

You can aim to be the fastest in each race and enter our all-time Hall Of Fame. Or, of course, you can do it just for fun.

Step 1: Sign up for any Row the Distance event

Step 2: Take part at a time and location that suits you. You can complete the race over a number of sessions or all in one go. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of your result to submit with your time.

Step 3: Once the distance is completed, submit your time via the ‘submit results’ section of the website, include a screen shot of the completed row. This can either be an image of the rowing machine screen or data from an activity tracking device.

Step 4: Your medal and certificate will be posted out to you as soon as you have submitted your result. We also include a discount code for your next Row the Distance event as an extra well done for your hard work.

Step 5: If you opt in to the Hall of Fame, check the Row the Distance website to see where you rank on our leaderboards.

All Other Questions

1) Do I have to do the distance all in one go?
No. However, if you want to qualify for the Hall of Fame leaderboards, you will need to complete the distance in one go to submit a completed time.
2) Do I have to submit my race and prove I did it?
Yes, you will need to provide a picture to prove you have completed the race. This can either be a screenshot of the rowing machine screen, data from an activity tracking device, tracking of your on-water activity or both.
3) Can I add a name to the certificate?
No. All certificates are generic and do not include a name.
4) Can Children take part?
Children in the school year 7 (aged 11) or above can take part in Row the Distance challenges.
5) How long is postal delivery?
All medals and certificates are dispatched within 1-2 days unless specified once a result is submitted (with the exception of annual distance medals).
6) How much is shipping?
Free to UK, £4.95 to Europe and £9.95 to the rest of the World.
7) What if I've not got delivery?
If 2 weeks has passed, it's likely your medal may have been lost in the postal service. Please contact Row the Distance to arrange a replacement. Please note, we cannot replace items after 4 weeks because we will have made the associated donations and covered our costs.
8) Where can I submit my annual challenge metres?
On the menu at the top of the website, click "Submit Result". You will see the 500km and 1 million metre options. You only need to submit evidence once showing your total number of metres completed
9) How do I see the Annual Miles Leader board?
On the menu at the top of the website, click "Hall Of Fame".
10) What if I have a question about indoor rowing specifically?
Just send us an email and if we cannot answer the question, we will link you straight to a member of the British Rowing Indoor Rowing Team who will be able to provide you with the answer you are looking for.
11)What technology apps can i use to record my indoor rowing metres? There are a range of indoor rowing technology apps that can be downloaded for free to track workouts and cumulate distances. These include LiveRowing, Concept2 logbook, ErgData and more. Find out more by checking out the British Rowing indoor rowing apps and technology page here: https://www.britishrowing.org/indoor-rowing/go-row-indoor/rowing-apps-and-technology/