ROW31 Class of '22

ROW31 Class of '22

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ROW31 is back for 2022!

British Rowing is kicking the new year off in style again with 31 days packed full of fantastic indoor rowing content and workouts! Whether you simply want to get a bit more active, get the most out of your rowing machine or join a supportive community of like-minded people, ROW31 has got you covered.

As part of taking part in ROW31, Row the Distance is also offering this fantastic Class of 22 ROW31 Medal to help motivate you to complete all 31 days and receive at the end to celebrate your achievements. Even better it is only £5.99 and can be purchased anytime during the month of January.

ROW31 workouts are centred around an interactive, global community for people of all abilities, and they are completely free to join in and takes just 30 seconds to sign up for the workouts – so look no further for your January rowing motivation!

Sign up for your ROW31 workouts here first:

And then add your medal to the basket. Make sure you sign up to both the workout emails as well as completing your purchase for your medal to ensure you receive both.

Medals will be sent out at the end of the fitness campaign to help celebrate all of your fantastic efforts.

Lets get your 2022 fitness campaign underway today.