NHS Challenge 2020 - "Do What You Can"
NHS Challenge 2020 - "Do What You Can"

NHS Challenge 2020 - "Do What You Can"

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NHS Challenge 2020 - "Do What You Can"

In collaboration with our partners Race The Distance, we are responding to the dozens of messages and emails we have had about designing a challenge and medal in order to raise funds towards supporting the NHS and the incredible work they are doing, especially at this challenging time.

It goes without saying that any challenge like this would see 100% of all of the profits being donated and we would work hard to secure extra special discounts from suppliers to donate the maximum amount possible. Much in the same way we did for our Grenfell Tower Challenge, which raised nearly £30,000 for the people impacted and the Fire Fighters Charity.

The medal has been designed totally by your suggestions and incorporates our special thanks to the NHS, but also all Key Workers, no matter what role they play in the pandemic. 

The challenge will be simple "Do what you can", just like the NHS and it will take place during one of your "one exercises a day". It will not be restricted by discipline, so indoor rowing, walking, running, cycling, wheelchair, pushchair - however and whenever you do this is up to you. 

The charity chosen is the NHS Charities Together.  

Charity Background

There are more than 250 NHS charities across the UK and most of them focus on helping our hospitals do more. Collectively these charities give £1 million every day to the NHS so that people can stay well for longer and get better faster. In recent years NHS charities have funded major capital projects, pioneering research and medical equipment at our hospitals, helping patients access the best possible care when they need it most.

Details of their Covid-19 Appeal, which we are supporting with this challenge;

Our amazing NHS staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to care for COVID-19 patients. And we want them to know the country has also got their back. We are so proud and in awe of NHS staff and volunteers as they work tirelessly to save lives! This means staying away from their homes and families, working day and night, to treat as many people as possible in need of care.

We, the nation, can help. Let's show our gratitude and respect for the frontline NHS, and together beat this virus.

As NHS staff and volunteers look after COVID-19 patients in their greatest hour of need, we can help take care of the well-being of our NHS people.


Do the following:

1) Follow NHS and Government guidance about how to keep others and yourself safe.

2) Support your family and friends through your social messaging and communication networks  Support your local NHS. We have 140 NHS charities dedicated to supporting patient care at their hospitals, ambulance trusts, mental and community health bodies. To find yours click here

3) Donate to this NHS Charities National campaign that acknowledges and supports NHS Staff and volunteering caring for COVID-19 patients.

Donations will:

1) Funding well-being packs/gifts for staff and volunteers on wards/departments (this could include food deliveries, high energy/protein bars/drinks, snacks, refreshments, wash kits, overnight stay kits.)

2) Cost of travel, parking, accommodation for NHS staff and volunteers Volunteer expenses

3) Other items as requested by NHS Charities that enhance the well-being of NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.

This list is not exhaustive.


They also play a key role in mobilising volunteers to support NHS staff, brightening wards and waiting areas with colourful and engaging art and building an important link between our hospitals and our communities. Other NHS charities support mental health trusts, community health trusts and ambulance trusts.

Due to the emergency nature of this appeal the medals have not been manufactured yet, but will be sent asap (approximately 4-5 weeks from entering), but the money raised will be sent immediately.

What is a virtual challenge?  A virtual challenge can done from any location you choose. You can row, run, jog, walk, cycle, swim, use a wheelchair - whatever you choose and however you choose to complete a distance.  There is no restriction on discipline for this challenge.  We aim to be as inclusive as impossible. 

Submitting and Claiming your Medal

There is no deadline to complete and submit your results.  We will send out the medal and certificate immediately, so please be careful not to open it before your challenge is complete.  Don't worry - there will be a warning on the envelope.

You can submit your result once completed by clicking below if you wish to enter the annual hall of fame (the fastest 3 individuals across all distances during the year).  Proof such as an app screenshot can be uploaded here.  Proof of completion and time is needed to qualify for the top three places.